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dupin1820 2emeDear ladies, gentlemens and friends,

I am proud to present you my latest project inaugurated on Monday 13th June 2016 :


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Eaux de Saint Géron -
	Natural sparkling water.
Trendy Places
Montiro - One of the most beautiful Restaurant Lounge bar of Geneva, fine cooking, quality service and warm and quiet atmosphere which becomes perfectly to the place. An establishment to be discovered and what we have difficulty in leaving so much we feel good there. Besides there is a Lounge bar decorated with a very beautiful cellar and which organizes regularly parties. 540 Café - A legendary restaurant in Megève, became one of the icons in the world of the night with its terrace and musical events that allow you to party until dawn. Spice it up with delicious cooking and a magical environment especially in winter on the slopes. Leopard Bar & Lounge -
	Lounge Bar, one of the best in Geneva.
Sass' Café -
	Created about 15 years ago by Salvador, it became the trendy place of Monaco... Wine Bar, After work lounge, for un drink with friends in refined surroundings… A restaurant presenting a traditional French and Italian cooking in a felted atmosphere... The evening become lively around midnight with Live music ...
Exagon Motors -
	The leading manufacturer of French electric GT, a team of enthusiasts who have achieved one of the finest electric cars in the world and one of the most successful ''Furtive eGT''.

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