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GENERAL TERMS OF SERVICES FOR VIPs (valid as of June 2003)

The present General Terms of Services for VIPs govern all relations between the Service Provider, VIP Services, and its clients and service providers, unless otherwise expressly stated in writing.

VIP Services is a company providing services in a wide variety of sectors. Its staff is highly qualified and selected according to strict and objective criteria.
These services consist mainly in the supervision of seminars and congresses, personalised reception and welcome, management and organisation of business and leisure travel for VIPs visiting Geneva, or planning to settle here.

Outside of the services listed under the heading SERVICES PROVIDED, VIP Services can, on express request from its Client, provide additional services such as IT advice, market research, service quality surveys, service provider auditing, etc. All additional services will be billed separately, in addition to the price of services provided.

The Client will furnish to the Service Provider all the information and documents that the latter requires in order to carry out its mission.
The Client will designate a member of its staff as official interlocutor, whose mission it will be to furnish to the Service Provider all the information the latter requires.

The price of the services provided must be paid to the account of « Pierre-André Dumont » VIP Services, within 10 days of the start of the mission. An additional 7 days will be granted in case of major force (accident, death, natural catastrophe, etc. ) In the case of a fixed term yearly contract. VIP Services undertakes to reimburse 75% of the commissions received in the event of a breach of contract within 15 days of the start of the mission, or 50% if it occurs within a month. As of the first day of the third month the sums received will be the lawful property of VIP Services.
Cash payment against receipt on the first day of the mission is optional, but will be required for placement and organisation of household staff. An additional fee for administrative costs may be charged, depending on the requirements and the service providers.
VIP Services will bear related costs only if these have been stipulated and agreed to in writing, or result from a legal decision.

The Service Provider undertakes to safeguard the documents entrusted to it by the Client. The Service Provider will treat the information contained therein as confidential and will use it with the same level of discretion as it would its own confidential information.
The client undertakes to keep a copy of all documents entrusted to the Service Provider.

The responsibility of VIP Services for the services it provides ends upon completion of the mission.
VIP Services cannot be held responsible if a mission cannot be carried out, in full or in part, for reasons beyond its control. Moreover, VIP Services cannot be held responsible for the results of a mission, and is not liable for the errors or misdeeds of the personnel it has presented to the Client. Finally, the Client is responsible for its own legal obligations and undertakes to acquire appropriate insurance coverage for household staff.

All the written documentation and analyses furnished by the Service Provider to the Client, i.e. notes, audit reports, are the exclusive property of VIP Services.
However, the Client may use these documents on a strictly internal basis, for the in-house training of its personnel for example.

If the Client unilaterally decides to retract within three days before the completion of the mission, it undertakes to pay the Service Provider 80% of the total bill.
If the Client unilaterally decides to retract during the execution of the services, it undertakes to pay the Service Provider the total amount outstanding.

The Client will not hire, either directly or indirectly, without the express written permission of VIP Services, any personnel or service providers who collaborate with VIP Services, even if the latter offer their services.
This provision is valid for the full term of the service provided and for twelve (12) months thereafter.
If this agreement is broken, the Client will compensate the Service Provider by paying an amount equal to the gross salary of the collaborator for the year preceding his/her departure.

VIP Services reserves the right to modify the General Terms. The Client will be notified of any modification in writing, by fax or e-mail. The modifications will be deemed to be accepted if the client does not oppose them within a period of one (1) month.

The present Contract is governed by Swiss law.
If the parties fail to settle a dispute within fifteen (15) days of its notification, the case will be brought before the competent Geneva court.


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